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    Gina Holdings SDN.BHD.

  • Gina Holdings is Malaysia only manufacturer for compressed wooden pallet blocks and runners that comply with ISPM 15 regulation for worldwide shipping. In line with our vision of environmentally friendly commerce, our wooden pallet blocks and runners are made from discarded wood and cycling material using high pressure and temprature process.

    All our wooden products are ISPM 15 exempted and ROHS complaint. Out expanding customer network includes pallet makers from Asia Pacific and Middle East which produce premium grade pallets for export use.

    Throughout our years in the timber industry, we have expanded out capabilities and increased out product range with the aim to be a "One-stop Solution Provider" in the packaging industry. We are also distributing stretch film, strap tape, other packaging materials and engineering advice on machineries from reputable local and overseas producers in line with our goal of providing efficient packaging experience to all out customer.


Consistent Quality and dimensionally stable.
Absorb less water and have lower swelling features.
Minimize wastage and storage cost.


ISPM 15 exempted and does not require heat treatment or fumigation.
ROHS complaint.
Customizable and high level of density.


Chemical and pest resistant.
Available in different sizes.
100% environmentally friendly.

What is ISPM 15?

ISPM 15 means the
"International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Publication No.15 : Guideline for regulating wood packaging material in international trade".
It is a global standard developed to reduce the risk of spread disease and insects that could negatively affect plants or ecosystem.
To import goods into countries which have implemented ISPM 15 for their imports, the wood packaging material must generally either be (a) ISPM 15 complaint or (b) of a form to which the ISPM 15 standard does not apply. Some examples of wood packaging materials which are exempted from compliance with ISPM 15 include compressed pallet blocks and runners created using high heat and pressure.
To be ISPM 15 complaint, wooden pallet bloacks and runners must either be fumigated with methyl bromide or subject to heat treatment of a minimum of 56 degrees Celsius for a continuous 30 minutes. There are however several problems associated with both forms of treatment.
(a) Although heat treatment is a once off process, a certificate of compliance must be obtained prior to each shipment.
(b) Methyl Bromide is highly toxic and has been alleged to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. It is also an intolerable health risk to people who handle the fumigated pallets.
In addtional to the problems associated with each treatment method, shippers constantly face delays at destination ports due to incomplete or incorrect supporting documentation required for proving that the requisite treatment has been done.

Pallet Blocks Sizes

Density(kg/m3) 500-650
Internal Bond(N/mm2) 0.7-1.0
Formaldehyde Emission Level E3
Thickness Tolerance(mm) +/-0.5
Width Tolerance(mm) +/-0.1
Nail Holding Strength(N/mm) 50-70
Swell & Water Soak 24 hours < 2.0%
Thermal/Fire Resistance < 120 DEG C
Moisture Content 7.0 - 9.0%
Type of Glue UF
Emission from Flue Gas During Burning Like Solid Wood
150 95 70
150 95 90
100 90 90
90 90 90
100 100 75
90 70 85
75 75 90
75 75 75

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